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And I should know.  I'm the only guy in history who has been able to successfully sell the Brooklyn Bridge - a unique publicity stunt stunt that got me featured on not just the local news, but nationally syndicated shows and magazines like:
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But I can already hear you saying…
"That's Great for You - But I'm Just A (Insert Your Profession Here) - I Don't Have an Interesting Story to Tell…"
You know what? Neither did I when I hit on my famous Brooklyn Bridge publicity run - something that continually brought me business for over 25 YEARS after it happened!
You could be a landscaper, a candle maker, or an auto mechanic.  Heck, you could even be an undertaker or a tax specialist (both of whom never seem to have to worry about job security!)
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But with my newly released manual "Another 101 Ways to Get Publicity", you can find dozens of unique ways to put a spin on your profession or your upcoming sale, and effortlessly
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"Another 101 Ways to Get Publicity" shows you another 101 ways to craft a unique story around your business... or specific tips that you can offer to the general public.
The fact is, with "normal" press releases, you get a bland, uninteresting title like "New Auto Body Shop in Townsville".  But while opening your own car repair shop may be your lifelong dream…it's an unfortunate fact of life that...

Reporters Don't Care!
On the other hand, using "Another 101 Ways to Get Publicity" you could write something like:
"What's that SMELL?! 
Learn What Your Car's Trying to Tell You Before It's Too Late!"

Or, using our candle maker example from above, you could have just created a brand new line of scented candles that burn cleaner and safer than ordinary candles.  Again, this statement doesn't generate much interest. 
But with just a twist and a few ideas from 101 MORE Ways to Get Publicity, you get…
What The Giant Retail Superstore Doesn't Want You to Know About Their Candles…
Can you picture yourself watching the evening news and hearing that statement right before the break?  You can bet that if you've got store-bought candles, you'll be paying close attention to that story…
And That's the Sort of Thing the Media LOVES!
And if that wasn't enough, those examples above are using just a handful of the tips and tricks you'll learn in "Another 101 Ways to Get Publicity"
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Paul Hartunian
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